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topper is tracking a big drop in temperatures. also vincent gray, the one-on-one interview. and we begin with that late breaking news out of dc where a car hit two pedestrians and then slammed into a restaurant. >> our gary nurenberg spoke with some witnesses. he joins us live now from northwest. gary. >> reporter: we're in the busy adams morgan section at the town and the sometimes confusing intersection of 18th, florida and vernon. these two pedestrians let me show you where they were hit. there is a median. that's where the two women were. this couple heard the screeching of tires and looked up to see the car turning on to florida from 18th. >> it appeared that the car was trying to avoid another car that was coming i think across florida avenue. the driver of the silver car
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lost control of the car, jumped the curb, hit two pedestrians and then crashed into the restaurant. >> reporter: those two pedestrians are women in their 20s. >> they were traumatic injuries. one of the females is what we call priority one which is serious and life-threatening. the other is not as bad but she's still classified as a trauma priority two. >> reporter: this family owns the restaurant. it had closed about 45 minutes before. >> i was worried because i knew my mother was inside the restaurant. so i ran over here to make sure she was okay. >> reporter: she was okay. that's her holding the baby. neighbors say this intersection is a confusing one. >> you have like 3 or 4 different directions of lanes. and i think that it might be -- we might need to look into having it maybe redesigned or make it easier for drivers to navigate this intersection. >> reporter: the woman driver of that car refused medical treatment at the scene and is now in police custody as they try to determine whether any charges will be brought.
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some witnesses said she appeared to be under the influence of something. police said they're investigating that right now. derek and anita. >> gary nurenberg, thank you. meantime, one week ago tonight the streets of downtown silver springs were recovering from a dramatic hostage scene. that is when james lee stormed into the discovery center and held the entire nation captive with what he called a protest. >> and tonight another protest in lee's name. our own brittany morehouse explains. >> we need people who stand for something. >> reporter: standing and marching outside a building where one week ago the man who bears the name on the sign caused this dramatic scare. >> you have two guns with him. neither one was real. >> he had bombs with them, none of them were set off. he was simply at the end of his rope. and he wanted to make his point to a world that will not listen. will not listen. and the world should not listen to me.
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>> reporter: well, walt rave is unclear about what he thinks of james lee protesting style, he is clear about this. >> i found much of it to be accurate. >> reporter: if you just listen to his words, you may hear what sounds like a reasonable environmental concern. >> it's the damage done to the environment which is causing record warm summers and record cold winters and all kinds of other weird weather which is causing the defor recitation of the land, the -- de for estation ofestation of the land. >> that is scary. >> they're asking for your attention. >> this college student says a protestor like this should get all of the attention he wants and then some more. >> i think it was just fine. >> i would raise an eyebrow and call the police or something. there is another guy out here
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raising a sign. maybe you guys should check him out. he may have the right to protest freedom of speech. but you guys should keep a close on him because he may have more on his agenda. >> reporter: and that student was not the only person i talked to tonight that believe police should be tracking protestors nowadays. it seems one violent act of protest in your home town and it could change forever your response to a non-violent act of protest. new on 11, a ride on bus caught fire a block away from the discovery building. the blaze you see going full blast right there started near wayne and colesville roads just before 8:00 and they believe it got going in the engine can compartment of that bus. everybody got off safe. the cause now under investigation. and tonight a new poll is showing dc council chair has a small lead in the race for mayor. >> it shows gray leading fenty
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by 7.35% even though the margin is small, the results are a huge racial divide between supporters. >> adrian fenty is carrying white voters and vincent gray is carrying black voters by a substantial margin. and we have seen that since we started looking at it last september. >> here is the specifics, fenty leads gray 62.5%. among black voters gray leads fenty 62-72%. election day is next tuesday and we're still awaiting a comment on these latest poll numbers. but council chairman vincent gray tonight is warning his supporters against becoming complacent. >> earlier this morning the front runner sat down in his southeast dc home with an exclusive interview with bruce johnson. . >> reporter: take any poll, vincent gray is now the front
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runner in the race for mayor. >> you're concerned about complain san see. >> -- from his home in southeast, ray talked about why he wants to be mayor. >> i have been convinced for a long time that the leadership style of this mayor was not conducive to bringing the city together and allowing us to be as effective as we could be. >> reporter: black voters have abandoned fenty for gray. white voters remain behind the young mayor. how do we become one city? >> i think you get out and work with people. i think the more people get to know me, i think they will realize i'm somebody who sees the importance of working with everybody. >> great job. >> reporter: gray wins, chancellor michelle r hee is almost certain to leave. then what? >> i have indicated in my education paper that i'm committed to continuing the path of education reform. and i will look for a person who
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brings qualities of education reform but also somebody that can work with people. >> reporter: do you agree with the firing of teachers? >> any teacher that has a good performance evaluation should be able to come back. that's the way a riff works when it's for budge terry reasons. if there are people who have performance evaluations that were done legitimately that really can't perform, they should not be brought back. >> reporter: he'll talk to the police chief. >> only 19% of our police officers are living in the district of columbia. i want to really more aggressively pursue police officers. >> reporter: mayor fenty in our exclusive interview last night promised to be more inclusive. gray charges while his demeanor was mad, his policies, programs and lack of diverse stee is what cause -- diversity is what caused the problem. >> he talked about affordable housing. we have 26,000 people on a list
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waiting for housing. our university is basically been treated with hostility by this administration. you look at charter schools, there is no parity between charter schools and dc public schools. >> i would say that i work very, very hard. >> reporter: their mother, a dc school teacher passed away some school years. they are both volunteers in their dad's campaign. >> he is a brilliant man. and he is a scholar and an athlete. >> what kind of father is he? >> he's a good dad. i can't say growing up that it was easy with him. he was very hard on us. he had very high standards. >> they will inherit the city. and one of the jobs of leadership is to make sure we give young people an opportunity to get the experience so they really can responsibly inherit the city. >> i think it was another dig. the poll gives gray a 17 point
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lead. another poll gives gray an 11 point lead. and if there is any good news for mayor fenty, it's that these new numbers are smaller than the 17.lead that gray was given by an earlier washington post poll. >> interesting indeed. >> uh-huh. >> coming down to the wire. >> thanks, bruce. >> and mayor fenty, has he heard from president obama? >> no, he hasn't. and we're not sure he is going to hear from president obama. as you know, he's confirmed that he's asking the white house and the president for an endorsement. he is the first mayor to endorse the candidate. they really don't expect the president to campaign for him. anything at this point would be welcomed. >> you'll have more tomorrow morning at 12:00 a.m. on all of this. the pastor of a small florida church remains defiant on worldwide -- >> he is not backing down and wants to send a message that radical islam should not be tolerated. >> it is possibly time for us in
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a new way to actually stand up, confront terrorism. there is something very much wrong with our policies. >> pakistan's ambassador to the united states is now calling a conservative radio and television host to denouns the plan in hopes of showing that americans are tolerant of other faiths. the u.s. commander says destroying copies of the koran would put soldiers in jeopardy and secretary of state hillary clinton is also publicly stating her disapproval. >> it doesn't in anyway represent america or americans or american government or religious or political leadership. >> the local gainesville fire department has turned down the pastor's application for a burn permit. >> but his lawyers say he's still within his rights to hold a protest. jones is carrying a gun after receiving more than a hundred death threats. so tonight, let's be real. who the heck is this pastor
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terry jones anyhow? he claims to have 50 members in his dove world outreach center down in gainesville. that is only a tad larger than reverend lee roy's church of what is happening now. he has commandeered his 15 minutes of fame threatening to burn up the koran. >> the outrage is certainly everywhere, but before we get too worked up about this, please consider the source. cbs news did and they found a sworn deposition from a recent court case in which jones claims to have learned much of what he knows from videos on youtube. seriously. jones also admits he's never actually talked to a real life muslim. that kind of interface stuff is just part of the problem, he says. and his church sells t-shirts and coffee mugs that say islam is of the devil. so let's be real, pastor jones is not the problem. it's all of the attention we're giving him. his an ticks would be meaningless if we don't put them
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on tv. so then let's not. anita. >> interesting. could a christmas tree open the door to the ku klux klan. today they voted to allow displays in front of the courthouse this holiday. that means any and all decorations can go up as long as they're safe. one supervisor who voted no fears the ruling means the county would have to accept an application from groups like the kkk. atheists and jed eye nights have already been -- jedi nights have already been the first to ask for display rights. they're only allowing the first 10 groups to display decorations on the courthouse lawn. tonight a warning for women. police are looking for a violent sexual predator after he attacked his latest victim at a busy bus stop. plus. >> a tornado sets off a string of transformer blasts and it is all caught on tape. topper. well, the hottest days and one of the least humid days i can remember. at one time it was 11%. good pear days. we'll take you out.
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the wakeup weather not as bad. not as breezy as it was today. 56-66. i would grab a sweater and sunglasses. we'll come back and talk about how long it's going to stay cool. look ahead to the forecast for the weekend which includes the terps and the skins game.
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bus stop ambush. tonight they're searching for a dangerous guy who grabbed a woman waiting for a bus to work. it happened this morning in franconia. police say this guy sneaked up on the woman, lunged at her from behind and sexually assaulted her. now, until they catch him, the warning goes out for women in that area. please be extra careful. >> anyone who is commuting or jogging or out at darkness, early in the morning or late at night, certainly needs to take precautions. >> it's scary. because a lot of us go out all times of the day or night, depending on our jobs. and to think that someone could be lurking in the neighborhood, it's upsetting. >> i wish we could tell you that police have a lot of leads on catching this guy, but at last check they're hoping to hear from people like you out there who come forward with a tip that leads to an arrest. tonight the next stop for a man in the hospital would be a one bedroom suite complete with bars and a brick wall view. howard county police have charged the 34-year-old with
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killing his ex-wife and setting her apartment on fire. he stabbed and killed her yesterday and then set the house on fire. white was injured and is under police guard at the hospital. win had four kids that lived in the apartment. they were not home at the time of the attack. in colorado a massive wildfire burns on and on. right now police looking for at least eight people who have not been accounted for since the flames started to tear through the area. the fire has already burned more than 7,000 acres and destroyed more than 50 homes. it's also forced 3500 people out of their homes. in detroit the flames are out but they are lived about the fire department's response yesterday to about a dozen or dozens of house fires. fierce winds whipped the flames from one neighborhood to another and detroit's mayor is now defending and praising his firefighters and saying they did a great job under pretty
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horrible circumstances. last night we told you about some key factors to a lasting marriage. money, neatness and time spent together. >> we even posted a compatibility quiz online so you could see if you and your spouse are a perfect match. more than 1100 people logged on since then and here are some of the results. when asked if you and your partner have similar ideas about money, how to spend it or save it, 43% said yes. 50% also said they are happy with their household duties. >> and 55% said they are almost always able to talk openly with their honey. now, we want to remind everybody that every entry was anonymous. if you want to take that marriage and singles quiz, log on to look under our extras section. >> and you have some extra video of a very cool thing with a tornado. >> we do. we talked about hermean being that mean. she turned mean. this is remnants in palmer, texas. it takes out the power line. hang on a second. it's coming back. it's kind of cool. no injuries. no damage from that particular storm. >> is that what you like to call
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rotation there? >> a rotation. absolutely. and that is about 20 miles south of dallas on the west side of i45. all right. for us, a different story. we had the winds to the but not that rotating wind. no, no, no. here are the next three days out of the gate. beautiful tomorrow. we're talking 79. a little bit breezy. not as windy as today. upper 70s on friday. fabulous finish. and on saturday some clouds come in. more towards night fall really. but still very nice. sunshine and 82 degrees. all right. let's break down tomorrow. believe it or not, you might need a sweater to start. 63. and this is a downtown temperature. so if you're in the burbs, you'll be in the 50s to start. 72 by lunch time. you carry it to lunch. and then by evening, you'll certainly carry it home from work. sunshine and 79 with a nice breedsment now, overnight -- breeze. now, overnight, clear skies. cooler. turn off the ac. open the windows. don't open them too far if you're in the burbs because we're talking low 50s in the suburbs tonight. low 60s downtown.
11:19 pm
and winds northwesterly at 10-15. and, again, i want to reiterate i can't remember being so dry it was 96 today with relative humidity 30%. in fact, with our rates that low, it didn't even really feel that hot. now, by morning, mostly sunny, breezy and cool. 50s and 60s to start. winds northwest 10-15. and then by afternoon plenty of sunshine. breezy. spectacular. high temperatures near 80. and winds more manageable northwesterly at about 10-15. not like our 20-30-mile per hour winds we had today. the fire danger is probably still going to remain high tomorrow. in fact, in the panhandle of east and west virginia, they burn banning until further notice. tomorrow 79 downtown. maybe 80 in arlington. maybe 80 in springfield. most folks either side of 80. college park 80. 80 at andrews but 79 up in bowie and upper 70s out towards reston and sterling. forecast sunshine from the mountains to the coast tomorrow. 67, though, if you're west of the divide in oakland.
11:20 pm
you jump the divide. mid 70s. very pleasant. cumberland, mid 70s hagerstown and winchester. culpeper you'll probably hit 80s. still very comfortable. still dry air mass tomorrow. dry air masses heat up and dry off quickly. downtown 79 or so. 80 at andrews. upper 70s for annapolis. winds are high enough tomorrow to still warrant a small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac. next seven days, 79 tomorrow. breezy. beautiful. fantastic on friday. low 80s on saturday. dry for the terps at home. but showers and thunderstorms on and off again all day sunday. it won't be that cool. it will be 80s. pretty comfortable. but they may bleed into the nighttime. they may bleed into the start of the redskins game. we're looking for 83 on sunday and back in the 70s on the monday and tuesday. >> nice stretch. you may not believe this, but i actually think i'm go ing to have to say the h -- going to have to say the h word again.
11:21 pm
>> the haynesworth guy. what self respecting football team would like to take on the headaches he's become. 96 hours to kickoff and the haynesworth distraction continues. mike shanahan surrenders for one week. plus why the term chinup is sometimes a misnomer. the explanation and 9 sports next. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> don't confuse the fact that albert haynesworth is still here with the idea that mike shanahan is happy about it. all signs indicate that if some team out there would give up a second round pick to get him, shanahan would drive big al to the airport and carry his bags too. but so far no luck on that. and shanahan announced haynesworth will be with the redskins when they play dallas on sunday night. he wouldn't say if he would play
11:25 pm
in the game and he wouldn't rule out trying to trade him again after this sunday, but for now he stays. >> albert had a great practice today. he'll be ready to go this weekend and i think we'll leave it at that. >> albert is going to play. he is going to be a big guy. we're all cheering for him to give to the quarter back. i've been there. he sacked me last year and it wasn't fun. >> it's totally distracted attention for what should be the most exciting years. not only opening night which is exciting enough but opening night against the cowboys. dallas you'll recall went 11-5 last year. they won the nfc east. but more importantly to us, they beat the redskins twice and allowed washington just six points total in those two games combined. but sunday is the start of the new shanahan mcnabb offensive era and they want to start by making a shot at their biggest enemy. >> we start it off with a bang. we're going to show they're
11:26 pm
going to bring it. we have to match intensity. >> they're going to give us all they got and i know we're going to give them all we got. so i'm pretty geeked. >> a lot of us are pretty geeked. meanwhile the skins gave their injury list. mcnabb with the ankle. sellers with the knee and ja mall brown with the hip were all listed but all participated fully at practice. bad news for nationals fans tonight. i know this is going to hit some of you in the gut. but with the phillies and braves both winning tonight, the nats have been eliminated from wing the east. matinie against the mets today 5th inning. that is wilson ram most. doesn't have -- ramos. doesn't have a homerun. it stayed that way until the top of the 7th. man on for the nets. nice pitch. saws off his bat but look at that thing dribble up the line. that's a double and that was the game winner.
11:27 pm
nats fall to the mets 3-2. the o's with a matinie at yankees stadium. birds let this game 2-1 in the bottom of the 9th. looking good until nick switcher came up with a man on. thank you very much. a walkoff for the man who is engaged to the girl from gossip girl. that is too good of life to have in one man's body. o's lose. five time champion roger federer in the quarters. revenge is imminent. fed just literally five seconds ago finished it off in straight sets so he will meet know vac jokavec in the semis. finally tonight with everybody buying p96 dvds. you have to check your wall anchors or you're going to have some issues. >> oh. >> that is when your chin up turns into your chin down. >> or your bottom down.
11:28 pm
>> that house looks a little rag getty. >> we'll be right back.
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that is 9news for tonight. >> stay tuned for letterman. good night. ♪
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